A New Program Year!

Worship resumes at FCC this Sunday.  Boy, it sure has been a long time since I’ve been able to write and say those words!

But, yes, the time has come.  We are doing everything we can think of to make sure that this transition back to in-person worship happens in both a safe and inviting way.  You can review the protocols below in this newsletter.  I do understand that everyone will be making their own choices about attendance and that’s fine.  This is certainly new territory for us all.

I was asked what I think is most important about beginning this 173rd program year here at First Congregational Church.  My answer is the same as it always is: To elevate positivity and confidence in the presence of God through Christ.

To me that is actually more important than ever.  Many people and churches are heading into this fall on a downbeat.  There is disappointment that the pandemic is still with us and that this Delta variant won’t loosen its grip. Churches are exhausted from trying to re-focus and re-format programing for almost two years.  

Well, not here!  Covid 19 is only on the letter Delta when we all know that Christ is the Alpha and the Omega!  Our faith tells us that Christ has it all covered; from beginning to end.  Consequently, this is a season of trust, affirmation and creativity!  

We are not just “still here.”  We are poised to deepen our roots and reach out in new ways because we know that God takes advantage of upheaval to do new things in our midst.  And we want to be ready and receptive to that movement of the Holy Spirit!

Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited to begin this new program year.  Yes, we are “back” but we are also living “faith-forward” to reflect the healing that God longs to share and to build new pathways for ministry and mission.  

At the core is worship.  At the core is goodness and renewed energy.  At the core is community building.  At the core, as ever, is God!


In Christ,
–Rev. Dominic