Sunday School (PreK-5)

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Our church provides a dynamic Church School program with an active enrollment of children and youth. Taught by members of the congregation, our church school teaches the basic values and stories of our faith and encourages a questioning attitude on the part of students. The goals of the program are to help children claim the Christian faith as their own and instill in them the belief that they are valued by God and the community.

We begin together in the sanctuary with our families, and then head off to our classrooms with the teachers after the Children’s Sermon.

Children are encouraged to participate as acolytes in the beginning of our Worship service as well as in several intergenerational activities.

Our Sunday Sunday School Mission Statement:

“The Sunday School of First Congregational Church in Melrose, United Church of Christ is committed to providing a positive, empowering Christian learning environment for children and youth in our church from infants through High School.  Our goal is for each child to recognize that they are unconditionally loved by God and that our church is a rewarding, safe place to be themselves and grow as Christian people.  The children in our program will learn that they are needed in our church community even as they learn the basic principles of our faith.  Our desire is that they not only learn what it means to be Christian, but that they apply these values in their daily lives and through intentional outreach programs to those in need.  As children mature in our program, they will have the spiritual tools they need to assist them in the challenging times in their lives and be sustained in the truth that a loving God is with them always in Jesus Christ.”