“All Worry is Atheism”

I came across that great quote recently: “All worry is atheism.”  

I like it because it captures so much of what I strive for in my own faith life: to trust more in God and less in the world and my own efforts in the world.  

That is to say, misplaced trust leads to worry.  Trusting in God diminishes worry while trusting in one’s self and the world elevates worry.

Religion is a vehicle for amplifying trust in that which is beyond yourself.  It declares that there is a divine source of creation that is greater than the present moment; a God who calls you to work for good because you are made out of goodness.  

Religion says that you are not here by accident.  It says that there is something for you to discover during your time in this realm; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.  After all, this life is one aspect of a larger life; one where you dwelled before coming here and to which you will return after you leave here.  That’s what religion offers.

Atheism, while offering some interesting and thoughtful perspectives, lacks any of this.  It invites worry because, if there is no God, then it really is all up to us and we really are at the whim of circumstance.  Our life is finite and is not part of a larger, eternal life.  Just thinking about it makes me worry!

The next time you are stressed out and worried, remember that quote: “All worry is atheism.”  It can prompt you to remember that God is fading away from your perspective on things.  It can help put you back on track.  

It is an invitation to re-center yourself in what you know to be true; that God is with you and you belong to a source of love and compassion that is far, far greater than the challenge before you.

See you in church,

–Rev. Dominic