Living in Spring

We are rounding the bend on February and that can only mean that Spring is on the way.  And, boy, do we need spring!  In this unstable world of pandemic confusion, we need all the signs of new life we can get!

It has been a tough winter for all of us and several of our church families in particular.  It has been a tough winter of omicron and tension-filled international relations as well.  Let us pray that as the weather starts to turn warmer in the coming weeks, so will a sense of peace, stability and new beginnings return to our lives as well.

The lectionary bible readings recently have reminded me that tough times are nothing new for God’s people.  I have also been struck by Christ’s call to live in radical new ways that almost seem impossible to achieve.  “Love your enemies” and “turn the other cheek” are hardly things that come naturally.

Jesus knows that.  In fact, the reason he calls us to such lofty ethics is because he wants us to know that the only way the realm of God is to come about in this world is if we start living as though it is already here.

The world and our own, personal lives have always been rocky places to navigate.  That’s putting it lightly.  A lot of the time, it is downright tragic.  Our faith, however, is to orient us to a different truth.  More specifically, the church is to be that irrational place that proclaims an entirely different reality; an oasis in the madness of it all.  Christ’s call is to live so completely from this alternative perspective, that the ways of the world become subsumed by it. 

My point?  We don’t have to wait for the seasons to change to find spring.  We can start living it right now.  In the same way, we don’t have to wait for the kingdom of God to manifest itself, we can start living in it right now.  In fact, doing so is the only way this world will heal and progress.  

Waiting has its place.  Praying has its place.  But let’s not forget the important place that acting has.  If we start regularly acting like the realm of God is here, people will soon wonder why they are still living in winter while we are living in spring.  

See you in church,

–Rev. Dominic