Board of Deacon Opportunities!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said: “I could never be a deacon!” 

Most people have.  In fact, every person whose ever been a deacon in our church has said that!  Until then they realize that they can.

The reason for not joining our merry band of church activists are usually things like:

“I don’t have the time.”

It turns out you do have the time.  One evening meeting every other month.  We’re betting you could squeeze that in.  The rest of the involvement is based on your availability.  Sometimes you may have loads of time to work with and other times none at all.  All of that’s okay.

“I am not a leader.”

Define “leader,” please.  You don’t have to be the out-in-front-leading-the-charge-type person.  We need those people, sure.  But sometimes the quiet, behind-the-scenes-type people are the most valuable “leaders” of all.  

“I’m not ‘holy enough;’ my faith isn’t ‘deacon level’ faith.  I’m not devout enough.  I’m shaky on the bible.  I’m not even in church every Sunday, for cripes sake!”

You’ve just described everyone in our church (including every deacon)!  No one’s faith is complete.  No one has “arrived.”  We are all doing our best to be faithful and sometimes those with the least background in our faith bring the best ideas!

“I’m not a member.”

Membership is not required to serve on our Board of Deacons.

You may have other reasons for feeling like you can’t participate on our Board of Deacons.  Please let me know what they are so I can shoot them down because I am convinced that you are a perfect person to serve on our Board!

Right now I am working on our Slate of Officers to present to the Spring Congregational Meeting and I’m betting there’s a fit for you somewhere here because right now we have 12 open slots to fill!  These openings are in the areas of:

· Spiritual Care (working with our homebound),

· Christian Education (Sunday School),

· Christian Mission (food pantries and other missions),

· Youth Ministry (Middle School and High School activities),

· Facilities (monitoring the grounds and physical plant of our church),

· Finance (organizing the budget),

· Human Resources (staff contracts and taking meeting minutes),

· New Member Deacon at Large (a great place to start!),

· Youth Deacon at Large (ditto!).

Anything peak your interest?  Let me know!  I can fill you in.  I can also steer you to deacons who are already in these roles to answer questions too.  One of the things that any of them will tell you is that we are a pretty casual group and we have quite a bit of fun doing what we do.

Right now we are meeting via zoom but our hope is to transition to in-person meetings again in the fall; but only if the group feels comfortable doing that.

We will have an orientation for newbies in June and your involvement would begin in September.  That’s my email.  781-655-2111.  That’s the church office number.  I look forward to hearing from you!

In Christ,

Rev. Dominic