Are You Joining Us for Worship?

With our first live streaming worship service under our belts, we are underway with our new program year here at First Congregational Church!

What did you think of the worship service?  What?  You didn’t tune in?  Well, it’s not too late!  After the livestream, each worship service is posted on YouTube ( to watch at a later date.  So you can still catch last week’s service. 

More importantly, you can join us again this coming Sunday for our next service.  Of course, you can pick that up at another time too, but there is something about joining in live that makes you feel more a part of things.  Knowing that you are listening, singing, and praying along with the worship team while it is actually happening can make a real difference. 

That’s what makes livestreaming such a great option for our worship services.

Regardless of when you take part in our services, I hope you will make a habit, a spiritual practice of worshiping with us each week.  Why?  Because worship is so vitally needed these days!  It can help put the events of this world in context.  It can remind you of the divine accompaniment that is with you each day.  It can give you an avenue for shaping the state of our community through the ministries of our church.

Through Word and Sacrament, you can be assured that you aren’t just somebody that things happen to.  The world can unfold in some pretty awful ways, that’s true, but through worship and church community you can find healing, compassion and purposeful living around even the sharpest corners.

So, while I can’t quite say “See you in church” just yet, you can certainly see ME in church each Sunday morning along with Mariko, Beth, and others who are here to bring the love of God to you and to this world so that hope abounds!

In Christ,

–Rev. Dominic