Opening for Deacon of Christian Mission: Covid and Economy Focused

The next 1-2 years will be very challenging for many in our church and the broader community due to the economy and Covid-19. We have an opening for a Deacon of Christian Mission to be the “point person” to coordinate and help lead our church’s response to these extraordinary challenges. This Deacon would receive or identify opportunities to support those dealing with Covid or economic distress (e.g., food or housing insecurity) in our church and surrounding community, share these needs with the Senior Deacons, Reverend Dominic, and others in our church as appropriate, and then strategize a response. Ideally this Deacon should be someone who will be able to do pick-ups and drop-offs in the Melrose area during the week, and who isn’t personally in a high-risk Covid category (or around high-risk people at home). Together with the other Deacon of Christian Mission, and the leadership of our Church, this Deacon will be positioned to help coordinate reasonable tokens of appreciation from our church to the many helpers who have been doing amazing things to assist those in need, both now, and in the future. Please contact Reverend Dominic if you are interested