Sunday School

from The Messenger, 1/18/2019

Actress Reese Witherspoon said: “I take my kids to church and to Sunday School. They love it. I really think it is important for a child to feel that there are things that are bigger than your life out there.”

That may be a simple way of putting it, but it really is a cornerstone of Sunday School: to make kids aware that there is something bigger than themselves and they are a part of it. Other building blocks include knowing that this “something” is God and God is love and they are loved. Unconditionally. Add to that some key bible stories, basic morals of caring, sharing, forgiving and growing and you are well on your way to a successful program.

In our Sunday School program, we want kids to know that church is a good place. A safe place. Their place. The ultimate goal is for them to feel excited about coming here.
Down the line, as they get older, our program is about applying faith to modern life. Peer pressure, loneliness, procrastination, other religions. How does it all fit together? The Sunday School program, combined with Confirmation, and youth group activities, is a true gift to this church community. If your child is involved, they will develop a framework for a life-long faith that will sustain them in times of trial and rejoicing.

The thing is, there only one thing that allows for this kind of ministry in our church: You. Sure, we have a team of people who run this these programs. But just think of how much more vibrant they would be if you joined in as well! Not only that, think of how much more fulfilled you will be! People who volunteer in our Sunday School program consistently tell me how rewarding it is; not just for the kids, but for themselves.

On Sunday, January 27th at 8:45 a.m. you are invited to a special Breakfast with our Sunday School teachers. If you are already involved in the program, be sure to come. If you think you might want to become involved and want to learn more, be even more sure to come! Like all ministries at First Congregational Church, you can participate in whatever way works best for you. We would love to show you what we have going on!

Last week I suggested that our music ministry would be a great place to plug into FCC during this new year. Our Sunday School program is no less so. There are so many ways to be creative, to be helpful, to be a mentor, to make a difference in this important area of our church.

Come find out more!

See you in church,


–Rev. Dominic