Voting to Answer a Call

Jesus commanded Christians to be “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13-16).  The second part of that calling—to be the “light of the world”—tends to make more sense to us.  We know how necessary light is where there isn’t any.  It is easy for us to translate that into our need to be light in order to dispel gloom (and there is no shortage of that!).

The first part, though, doesn’t resonate so well.  Salt?  Really?

The reason that this doesn’t make as much sense is because it is a reference rooted in the ancient world.  Salt, for us today, is a flavoring.  And, yes, that is part of the calling.  We are to add our own unique flavoring—some would say spice—to the mix of our common life.  Sometimes it bitter, sometimes sweet but the point is to season society with who we are as followers of Christ.

More commonly in the ancient world, however, there were at least two other uses of salt.  One was as a preservative.  Salt is still used this way today, of course, in curing meat and pickling vegetables.  Salt, in this sense, keeps important things (read traditions) preserved.  We are to be the salt that preserves the good, the honorable, and the just.

In a similar way, salt was also used as a disinfectant.  Thousands of years ago people discovered that salt draws water out of things.  And without the water, things stayed fresh (because bacteria are starved of nutrients).

You are salt.  You are to be flavor, preservative, and disinfectant.

Believe it or not, you have an opportunity to exercise your salty-ness by voting on Tuesday, November 6th.  There will be three important ballot measures and many important candidates on the ballot that day.
As a Christian person, your job is to preserve what is just and disinfect what isn’t.  Your job is to add your own unique flavor to the multi-cultural, multi-aged, multi-racial, multi-class menu that is the Commonwealth and our country.

Salt and Light.  Your calling from Christ in Matthew’s gospel.  Marking your ballot on November 6th is a great to respond.

See you in church,