Thank You Susan!

As was announced in church last Sunday, we are creating a new staff position in the church to address the changing needs of our congregation. While there is much excitement about these new possibilities, there is also sadness as we say farewell to Susan Bowdridge who has been the Church Administrative Assistant for the past 20 years.

Susan began her time with us during a time of pastoral change and upheaval in 1998. She not only brought consistency to the tasks of the church office, but also made connections with many of our parishioners over the years. A member of First Baptist Church in Malden, we benefited from Susan’s innate awareness of how protestant churches operate. Susan lived for many years in Malden before moving three years ago to Athol to be closer to her family; and a growing family at that! Susan welcomed a new grandson earlier this month.

A number of factors combined to make this a good time to create the new position of Church Office Manager in our church. The unexpected death of Rick Mockler who oversaw a great deal of the daily financial obligations of FCC, the departure of our Administrative Assistant for Sunday School and Youth, Dunia Velez last winter, and the growing need for a stronger social media presence combined to move us in this direction. Along with the office duties of the previous position, elements of each of these areas of ministry will be folded into this new position in order to take work away from our over-extended volunteers.

The search process is underway and the congregation will be kept appraised of our progress!

In the meantime, we thank Susan for her many years of committed service to First Congregational Church and for the legacy she leaves with us. The church has been strengthened and the work of Christ sustained by Susan’s presence here.

See you in church,