Expiration Date

During last Sunday’s Children’s Sermon, I talked to the kids about having an expiration date. That is, unlike a carton of milk, we don’t have one (or at least we don’t know what it is). Consequently, we need to take advantage of every day, every moment, to enjoy life and bring a little bit of peace, love and trust into the lives of those around us. As we head into these summer months, there is another angle on expiration dates. While we, ourselves may not have one, our problems do. Maybe you are facing a big dilemma right now. Maybe your finances are collapsing or your marriage is buckling or you’ve just been told that the ache you’ve been feeling in your body is far more serious than you thought. Or maybe you just have a case of the blahs. You just don’t feel right. You just don’t feel like doing much of anything. You aren’t happy and you aren’t particularly sad. You are just…blah. Hopefully, you will be able to use these summer days to readjust. During these warm months, hopefully you will be able to right the ship of your finances, your relationships, your health. But whether you do or not, be assured of this: Your problems, big or small, do have an expiration date.

If you don’t believe me, just look back at your own life. It may be a few weeks ago or a few years ago but I’m betting you can remember when you were under a cloud that you never thought would lift. You carried a weight that felt hobbling at best and crushing at worst. And now, that cloud has lifted and the weight has at least lessened.

Problems do find resolution. They do have an expiration date. We may not be able to name the date when they will leave us or be resolved one way or the other, but we can expedite the arrival of that time. We can pray: “Come Holy Spirit and lift this burden from me.” In such a prayer, we feel accompanied even before the problem has left us. And a way forward feels just a little more possible. Problems are part and parcel of living. So is God. Remember which one is bigger. The day is surely coming when the problem you are experiencing right now will reach its expiration date. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). A new day is always on the way.

See you in church,

–Rev. Dominic