Lenten Adult Education Class–Living our Reformation Heritage

Beginning after worship on Sunday, February 18
Led by Rev. Dominic
The Protestant Reformation began 500 years ago.  Some of the life-threatening, flabbergasting ideas that exploded out of those years are now part of the air we breathe.  500 years ago, people died for them.  But time turns the revolutionary into the everyday.  We take key Reformation claims for granted.  They are just part of who we are.  Other Reformation claims are covered in dust, obscured and stuck away in a neglected corner of the church, like a long-forgotten Van Gogh languishing under wraps in someone’s attic.
In a lively, engaging, discussion-based way, this class will explore where we come from and some of the basics of what makes us who we are as Protestant people.  Topics will include:
Guess what?  You’re a Priest!
Got Bible?  Which do you like?  An angry God or a cheap gospel?
Luther’s Sins–and Ours
Fundamental Protestant principles
Come own your often over-looked heritage as we clear the dust off of 500 years of history and make our Reformation identity relevant for today!  Classes will be held after worship on Sunday February 18th, March 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.  All are welcome and child care is available upon request.