Our Leadership


Board of Deacons

The Church is led by the Board of Deacons. The officers of the Church are the Senior Deacons, who oversee the Board of Deacons. The Board of Deacons is responsible for carrying out the ministry of the Spiritual Life in our Congregation. The work of the Board of Deacons is not to be carried out by its members, but rather the Deacons are to listen to the interests of the congregation and organize ministry in particular areas in response to the interests utilizing small, ad hoc groups. The Board of Deacons meets on the second Tuesday of the month.  Please check the calendar for our next meeting.

Each member of the Board of Deacons is responsible for a particular area of ministry. In addition, there are three At-Large Deacons, representing our Youth, Senior, and New members.  For information on our current Deacons, please click here.