The Power of Kindness

It seems like our country is becoming more polarized and angry by the day.
Maybe that is why my reference to random acts of kindness in last week’s sermon garnered such a response. As I mentioned in the sermon, in the current climate kindness can seem like abnormal behavior.
Kindness is both simple and complex. It is both personal and global in its reach. Its outcome is only positive. Evidence of it is all too rare.

The News Cycle

It is amazing how quickly the news cycle moves on.  Major events happen and are front and center for a few days (at best) and then fade quickly into the background.

What do you know about the aftermath of the worst wildfire season in California history? Probably not much. Once the fires are contained, reporters leave.

Thank You Susan!

As was announced in church last Sunday, we are creating a new staff position in the church to address the changing needs of our congregation. While there is much excitement about these new possibilities, there is also sadness as we say farewell to Susan Bowdridge who has been the Church Administrative Assistant for the past 20 years.

Together as One

There are some historic changes happening in our Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ!

First, you should be aware that our Conference Minister, Rev. Jim Antal, has retired as of July 1st. Many of you may remember Rev. Antal from his two visits to our church during which he shared sermons on climate change and the importance of the United Church of Christ. Rev. Don Remick, who had served as Associate Conference Minister in our Conference, has now assumed the role of Transitional Interim Conference Minister. A formal search process for a new Conference Minister is presently on hold due to the following development!

Welcome Back!

This coming Sunday we begin a new program year at our church and I could not be more excited!

Apart from advanced planning by staff and lay leadership, along with a well-attended pizza party earlier this month (thanks Tom and Becky!), it has been a summer of quiet, communal rejuvenation and we are ready to hit the ground running!

And boy do we need to!