Ordinary Time

If you have a religious calendar of any sort, this time of year is alternatively called the “Season of Pentecost” and “Ordinary Time”. Either way, it is the longest season of the church year…

Getting the Help You Need

I certainly hope that in this day and age we have overcome the stigma of seeking therapy through a counselor but, at the same time, I know that such a hope is yet to be realized. 

A Harvest of the Holy Spirit

After our devotional time at the May Board of Deacons Meeting, I was asked about the origin of Pentecost. From the word itself, you can probably guess that it has to do with the number 5. More specifically, it is 50 days after Easter. It marks the end of the Easter Season and the beginning of the Season of Pentecost.


I just noticed something interesting about the seasons of the church year that I hadn’t picked up on before.  It is kind of a hidden message of sor

In Jesus’ Selfie

There is a great cartoon I saw some time back.  It was titled “Jesus Takes a Selfie”.  It showed Jesus holding a cell phone at arm’s length and smiling broadly.  On the phone screen, however, was not his face but rather a crowd of people of different colors, sizes and genders.