In-Person Worship Update (for 11/29/2020)

When we began our move to in-person worship this fall, we committed to evaluating this in late November.  After much discussion among our Deacons of Worship, Senior Deacons, and staff we have decided to suspend in-person worship for the time being.

The main reason for this decision is the rising cases of Covid 19 as fall ends and we head into the winter.  There have also been logistical challenges in arranging for pre-registered, in-person worship (extra staff and volunteers) while the ability and willingness of parishioners to attend has understandably been minimal.  

Our hope is to have sign-ups available to attend worship on Christmas Eve after which we will make a further determination on the best and safest course of action with regard to in-person worship in the New Year.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding!  Our live streaming worship services on YouTube and MMTV in Melrose will continue as usual.