A Season of Newness and Growth

One of the things that I really like about this time of year at our church is that it is all about newness and growth.  By that I don’t just mean the greening of landscaping, I mean the emphasis that we place on the young people in our congregation.

Last Sunday we celebrated Confirmation Sunday and this coming Sunday, on Pentecost, we will continue the Confirmation blessing with an additional confirmand.  In total, I had the pleasure of instructing five wonderful youth in this year’s Confirmation Program and I must say that with such youth coming up in the world, we are in much better shape than we sometimes think!  Our church is helping launch some thoughtful, faithful youth who will surely make this world a better place.

Similarly, that newness and growth will continue on June 4th with Graduation Sunday.  Among the many who are graduating from high school this year, we will have 5 from our congregation in attendance this Sunday along with their families.  It will be a great chance to congratulate them and help send them on to their next adventure in life with the blessing of God to strengthen them in their faith.

June 11th will mark Church School Sunday and yet another occasion to celebrate the newness and growth that has happened in our Sunday School program this year.  Be sure to join us as the Sunday School students help to lead the worship service that morning.  

Since this newness and growth in our church cannot and should not be contained within the walls of FCC, we will be spending some time outside on Sunday, June 18th when we will have our Annual June Cookout, and again on Sunday, June 25th when we conclude our program year with our outdoor worship service on the front lawn.

It is an exciting time of year with a lot going on to remind us of the energy of God’s Holy Spirit at work in our lives and in our church!  Be sure to join us!

See you in church,

–Rev. Dominic

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